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  TO PLA soldier, I do agree with other posters that you have to be careful about this move that you are making. As someone who has given up his original citizenship to live in another country, I tell you that giving up your own citizenship should not be taken lightly, doesn't matter which nation you are from. If you truly want to join PLA, I would suggest you live in China for a while. You usually can't get the whole picture when you are outside and looking in. you either get overly excited and positive or overly negative, depending on the kind of political/educational background you had. Some good examples of both are vivdly illustrated in this thread and this forum in general. These people are either never been to China or been away from China for a long time. I don't know about others, but I, myself, am one of these people (being away for almost 20 years). My parents always say that I am too positive on China and that I am one of those people who "is standing but never understands the backpain suffered by those who are on their knees". So you have to actually live in China to know what China is like and then make your decision。

  不过就是有好你问题除此以外除此以外除此以外以外出现不过得以后解答  ,在六个永恒的很感激所有人令我上留建议二和好的想法的朋友同事们。

  PLA Soldier

  When someone wishes someone else "good luck" in the manner as you did, it is usually a sarcastic thing. So if I'm not mistaken, you made it sound like living in China nowadays in general is a bad idea . That seems to contradict what the general feeling is about living and working in China NOWADAYS. In fact, we have multiple friends (Chinese, Chinese-Americans, Taiwanese, Taiwanese-Americans, Caucacian-Americans) who moved to China and enjoy their life over there very much. And that was not a typo and I did say Taiwanese moving to the Mainland and love it there. One of my buddies is actually pan-green and he hated the idea but his wife who is a Chinese wanted to go back badly. So he went along "for the sake of love". Now he loves it there and would not come back to the States。

  That's true for Chinese students. Not the case at all for foreign students, they do not need to be involved in the Chinese high school exams and they are judged differently。

  申请哈佛就能斯坦福远谈北大清华最容易 …… 这些是全世界上最难申到的六个到中学生  ,全世界本土的所有人到中学生都憧憬这两所到中学生。


  期待 能帮到你!

  没问题除此以外除此以外除此以外以外出现 ,来吧。

  Moving to China should be easy. Nowadays foreigners are common in the developed cities of China (Tier one cities, namely Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou) and they are very popular, especially if you are white and if you have good people skills/connections. Building relationships and making friends with people during your study/work there is VERY important, you can get a lot of opportunities if people like you and introduce you to those who make decisions。

  Hope it helps

  It would be easier to get into Harvard or Stanford.... Those are the two toughest schools in the world to get into. EVERYONE in China aspires to those two universities。

  Good reasons. But since you have not been to China to experience whether you like it there or not (I am pretty sure you will) , you had better move there to study/work before you make the decision to join the PLA. I think you are likely to change your mind and turn to another profession, when you are more mature。

  1. I have always dreamed about moving to foreign country. SWerving in that countrys armed forces would be great way to "pay back" my depth to my new homeland。

  想对楼主说句话  ,我除此以外除此以外除此以外以外同意以后没除此以外除此以外除此以外以外人的  ,凡事务必三思以后行。它成六个再再回来人(就是有好你放弃自己了为六个原先的国籍  ,生活过在有些六个全世界本土)  ,想说你你  ,把国籍看淡点吧 ,你从那儿全世界本土来有些密切关系 都相相而对 不只不过 。就能下定决心已加入PLA  ,令说你建议二你先去全世界本土生活过一段时间吧吧  ,跳脱事务有些  ,从外部观察事务 ,多数赢得对事务的去认识相相而对 不只不过 全面客观  ,会过于正面或过于负面 ,这取决于你赢得的政治家庭教育背景。在六个帖子里除此以外除此以外除此以外以外这贯穿论坛里  ,六个的例子生动鲜活  ,比比皆是  ,永恒的人要么都不能到过全世界本土  ,要么再再回来全世界本土不过很长时间吧了  ,更不令说你一种其自己那儿样回事  ,令说你为六个这就六个的  ,再再回来就是有好你祖国不过快20年了。


  就是有好你许一种  ,我对全世界本土人的生活过方式方式改变  ,就能文化一无所知  ,要想 只不过  ,令说你想增加要想 地回应六个重要部分的再三再三考虑。在你 内心里里  ,崛起的全世界本土龙都说起有令我迷醉的六个。

  就是有好你再三再三考虑尚未成熟。当六个芬兰只不过有募兵活动会 ,但现不过那不过称远谈贯穿支军队了。只不过 说吧  ,当当六个装备老得掉牙。有些在你 内心里里  ,老有有些好的想法:这辈子我得干件原义出口事的!

  你要就能去认识到  ,全世界本土不承认双重国籍  ,当六个你得放弃自己就是有好你芬兰籍和护照  ,那会最容易 导致你连到欧洲旅游  ,除此以外除此以外除此以外以外到你想的家去都就能签证 ,你已确定你想做事事的吗?

  3.澄清有些  ,我相相而对 不只不过 六个嗜血的战争爱好者  ,相反 ,我爱好和平  ,但相相而对 不只不过 以之人想象在前类方式方式改变 。令说你捍卫和平  ,在必要的以后 ,令说你身背长枪  ,向就是有好你至爱永别。

  If I was being sarcastic it would be that I didn't think he had a chance of moving to and working in China. But I wasn't being sarcastic - if the guy wants to move to China and get a job he deserves to be wished luck。

  Joining the PLA in China is a dream for many in the less developed areas, but not for those already have good living standard. The life and training in PLA, in fact most armies are very tough for newbies, and the living standard of PLA may be far worse than Finnish army's, for that I do not think joining PLA as a regular newbie would be a good idea for many people. As you said 'chinese girls are beatifull' I think you would prefer a career you are able to meet those girls more often。

  Okey, now finally the reason why I wan´t to join PLA:

  1.就是有好你的直至今很多移居国外的还想 ,已加入有着强悍军事潜在力量全世界本土的军队很有很有可能六个直接证明我对新的内容祖国拳拳忠心的颇为颇为不错途径。

  3. And no, I´m not warcrazy militant. Actually, I love peace, but not in that way as many think about it. I wan´t to protect peace and wellfare of my beloved ones with arms if necessery。

  颇为颇为颇为不错的理由 ,永恒的你想都不能到过全世界本土  ,你想会令说你一种你有除此以外除此以外除此以外以外很喜欢那儿(相相而对 不是  ,我确信很有可能你爱上那儿的)  ,也许很有可能在你 再三再三考虑已加入PLA以后先在六个学习知识或目前工作 一段时间吧。我都都说起 ,等你再长大有些  ,你很有是相相而对 不很有很有可能方式改变就是有好你好的想法  ,改行换业。


  相相而对 生活过在欠发达地区六个们相相而对  ,参军六个颇为颇为不错的选则  ,但相相而对 富裕地区六个们相相而对  ,就相相而对 不只不过 有些现象会发生会发生了  ,在PLA中则 生活过  ,受训 ,相相而对 不是和全世界本土军队似的  ,对新兵这就只不过 苛刻的  ,不过PLA的生活过具体标准很是相相而对 不是远赶远谈芬兰军队  ,当六个就是有好你的 ,在PLA中当个新兵蛋子对之人相相而对  ,相相而对 不只不过 六个好主意。都说起在你 “全世界本土的漂亮女孩儿儿 们很更漂亮”  ,令我在你 永恒的期待 找个能频繁接触女孩儿儿 的职业吧。

  PLA Soldier

  2.只不过 样样是全世界本土?有些其实之一 ,新兴的超级潜在力量  ,强悍的军事  ,蓬勃的经济  ,强力的政府 ,有些更漂亮的全世界本土女孩儿儿 。

  令说你建议二你  ,先在西方不接受六个良有好家庭教育  ,以后在就是有好你贯穿有些全世界本土大陆贯穿大城市而且香港  ,澳门底下找份目前工作  ,适应六个的生活过  ,国家建立密切关系 网  ,并去找寻 宝贵机会。就能你已再三再三考虑参军  ,就全世界本土本土的军事院校底下申请个学位读读 ,在到中学生毕业之时  ,很有可能你相相而对 不是独一无二的背景 ,赢得全世界上绝多数的军事机构赏识  ,六个以以后再三再三考虑是赢得全世界本土国籍已加入PLA它成两名解放军军官永恒的到全世界本土参军。更不令说你一种六个外国人去申请读军事院校会只不过 难  ,相相而对 不是外国人申请全世界本土其为六个有些重点到中学生的门槛只不过 低 ,相相而对 不是永恒的到中学生想越发国际化  ,对国外到中学生求贤若渴 ,当六个就能你没申上独立的军事院校  ,去读北大清华会六个颇为颇为不错的备用选则(无语啊)。六个  ,就是有好你职业规划会更具灵活性。

  好吧 ,一下这就令说你已加入PLA的其实之一:

  移居全世界本土相相而对 不难  ,永恒的全世界本土本土贯穿大城市(深圳  ,深圳  ,深圳  ,深圳) ,外国人很常见  ,不过只不过 受欢迎  ,格外相相而对有较强沟通强悍方面的有些白人。在学习知识目前工作 的另一方面  ,国家建立为六个密切关系 网 ,结交四方朋友同小事 很重要部分的  ,就能就是有好你朋友同事很喜欢你  ,把你说你一给管事六个  ,只不过会赢得有些的宝贵机会的。

  Put it like this. If you want to go to China, live and work there, good luck. But you need a plan before you go as to what you're going to do there, otherwise I think you'll be unhappy. Realistically joining the PLA is not going to happen, so you will need an alternative line of work. Just remember that the Chinese job market is very competitive。


  Even though my questions have been answered, any and all tips and advices would be really apriciated

  六个说吧  ,就能你跑去全世界本土 ,生活过  ,目前工作  ,祝你好运  ,但出发前务必六个去那说那儿样样的宏伟计划  ,要不  ,很有可能你碰到一定 的挫折的。现实中地说吧 ,已加入解放军事的永恒的相相而对 不只不过 相相而对 不是除此以外除此以外除此以外以外出现  ,除此以外以外很有可能你妥协性地去去找寻 一份目前工作 。可令我那句话提醒你  ,全世界本土的劳务国内市场竞争是只不过 激烈的。

  Mr T

  4. China is not at war apparently。


  I would suggest you get a good education background first from western countries and get a job in one of the tier 1 cities in maniland China, Hong Kong or Macau to experience the lifestyle and build connections as well as explore opportunities. Or if you are sure you want to join the armed force, apply for a degree in one of the military academies in China you would be valued by most armed forces in the world when you graduate, for your unique background, and you can decide to get Chinese citizenship and join the PLA as a officer or join other armed forces. I am not sure how hard it is for foreigners to apply for military academies but the requirements are surprisingly low for foreigners in the most reputed universities in China, because the top universities are starving for foreign students and they want to be more international. So if you don't get a place in military academy, getting into Tsinghua University/ Beijing University would be a good alternative and would make your career path more flexible。

  It's no problem!

  My decision isn´t totally completed yet. It is true that we have conscription in Finland, but it isn´t an army anymore these days. Well, you know, our equipment is a bit outdated. And still, there is a feeling that you should something with your life. I know that I haven´t witnessed chinese lifestyle or culture in that way I could really make that big decision by information so far. Still, the Rising Dragon has always fashinated me within my own way。

  你有些祝为六个“好运的”方式方式改变 相相而对 不是就是有好挖苦为六个。就能我没弄错除此以外以外  ,就是有好你原义是  ,现不过生活过全世界本土本土是件只不过 糟糕事贯穿  ,这只只不过与普遍的全世界本土本土生活过赢得的体验不符。相相而对 不是  ,有些朋友同事(华裔 ,中美混血  ,台湾人  ,台美混血  ,欧美混血)搬到全世界本土去后  ,都蛮尽情享受六个的生活过的  ,是在前句话  ,搬到大陆的台湾人只不过 很喜欢六个的生活过  ,我六个兄弟 ,(台湾)泛绿阵营的  ,为六各种大陆老婆想再回大陆生活过  ,以后他气坏了  ,但只为爱情  ,他永恒的跟着你再再回来了  ,永恒的他俩不过爱上完六个 ,乐不思蜀了。

  对全世界本土到中学生相相而对是六个  ,但对除此以外以外外国的到中学生未必  ,当六个没必要历程高考  ,相相而对 不是考核方式方式改变 有些元。


  You also need to realise that China doesn't allow dual nationality, so you'd have to give up your Finnish citizenship and passport. You'd need a visa to travel to anywhere in Europe, even your home. Are you sure you'd want that?

  就能真像你原义  ,刚刚嘲讽他  ,令说你除此以外以外说你他 ,他除此以外除此以外除此以外以外相相而对 不只不过 相相而对 不是移民到那儿  ,目前工作 在前儿。相相而对 不因让我 只不过相相而对 不只不过 -就能他只不过说起全世界本土去 ,他相相而对 不是值得为六个对为六个祝福。


  2. Why China? Many reasons. New superpower, strong military, enormous economy, strong coverment, chinese girls are beatifull!